WATCH: Dogs Fight Fiercely but Hilariously Stop When the Gate was Opened!

Have you noticed how there are people who are so fierce when they know they are at an advantage but readily change the moment circumstances change? Well, it seems that dogs can also behave similarly…

A video is making rounds on social media these past few days, showing a dog attacking a group of dogs inside a gated compound. The dogs were fighting so fiercely that we’re willing to bet they would tear at each other if only there was no gate between them!

Screenshot from video by NTD TV

But as the video progressed, we were soon sorry about making that bet because the dogs weren’t really interested in fighting each other once the gate was opened! Ooooops. That’s unrealistic, right?

Check out this video and you’ll surely laugh at these dogs’ antics. After all, they seemed to be just inches from tearing each other apart at the start of the video but when they were given the chance to actually fight, they just turned away like no altercation had happened. LOL.

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They were so aggressive and then …

Posted by NTD Television on Sunday, February 19, 2017