WATCH: Dutch Engineers Built a Tunnel Under a Major Highway in Just One Weekend, One Lane Remained Open!

More often than not, roads and highways take months – even years! – to complete, especially in places where workers still have to carve mountains or dig under existing roads to create a new one. But if you have the right equipment, things don’t always have to take too long to be completed!

We stumbled across a video shared by Amazing World – and we were definitely amazed! The clip shows a time-lapse of how Dutch engineers and workers were able to build a tunnel under a major highway within just one weekend.

What’s even more amazing is that one lane actually remained open throughout the construction! Of course, it helped that they made a pre-fabricated tunnel to slip into the excavated part of the highway but we were quite impressed at how these workers had worked round the clock to ensure that the road gets finished as quickly as possible.

Can you believe this entire time-lapse video happened over just one weekend? Amazing, isn’t it?

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