WATCH: Eerie Video Shows Turkeys Walking in Circles Around a **** Cat

A man from Boston, Ma, captured a strange video of more than a dozen turkeys walking in circles around a **** cat.

He posted the video in Twitter (@TheRealJ_Davis) and wrote the following caption: “Yo, this is the craziest thing I have ever seen – Turkeys walking in a circle around a **** cat in the middle of the road – what! Bro, this is wild!

Image: Twitter / TheRealJ_Davis

The tweet immediately went viral on social media as people tried to search for an explanation on the strange phenomenon. In one of his posts, he joked that the turkeys are performing a ritual to give the cat his 10th life.

Biologists have been asked to shed a light on the situation and they admitted that it is one of the spookiest displays of animal behavior. They offered the explanation that the turkeys just want to check on the **** cat. However, since they are aware that the cat is a predator, they are wary of getting too near it; thus, they just walk around in circles.

Turkeys gathering in flocks are not new but the circling formation is certainly something new.