WATCH: Fake Beggars Use Costumes to Make Them Look Disabled!

It is true that many of us have a soft heart towards disabled people and would be more ready to extend our help to them as compared with helping able-bodied people who we think can easily find a job with their strong physique.

Banking on this, a number of scammers in China have taken to fooling people into thinking they are disabled – as that would bring them more money, for sure.

Screenshots from video by NTD Television / Facebook

Wearing costumes and props, these unscrupulous individuals managed to look disabled! But there were people who got suspicious and followed them around the city. One of these people was brave enough to unmask (well, unclothe is probably the proper term) the beggars – and you will be surprised at the simplicity of their costumes yet they managed to look like real disabled people!

This simply proves that you shouldn’t really trust your eyes when it comes to beggars, especially if you are in China! What do you think of this video? Surely, these individuals have strong bodies that can help them find decent work yet they chose to fool people into parting with their hard-earned cash…

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

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