WATCH: Fish Wows Netizens with its Incredible Soccer Skills!

Can you imagine fish participating in ball games like soccer? That sounds rather farfetched and crazy, right? But one fish has proven that anything and everything is really possible to those who believe – or have the right trainers, that is!

A video posted on Facebook page Yak Boy Fresh has recently gone viral, mostly because netizens were so amazed by the incredible soccer skills exhibited by a fish. Yes, you read that right – a fish who knows how to play soccer!

Screenshot from video by Yak Boy Fresh / Facebook

It really is amazing to see a fish playing soccer, even if the game is modified for this tiny creature.

Still having a goal and a green playing field, the difference for this little fish is that it plays with a small, lightweight ball. While some netizens would point out that there’s no goalkeeper at all for this soccer game to be legit, we can’t help but also point out that this is, after all, a fish playing soccer – isn’t that amazing?

Screenshot from video by Yak Boy Fresh / Facebook

The tiny creature uses its tail to flick at the ball, skillfully pointing it towards the direction of the goal. Even without a goalkeeper on that one, we’re truly counting the scores because just getting the ball pointed in the right direction is already a great achievement for this fish.

Check out this amazing fish and its incredible soccer skills: