WATCH: Frightened Golden Retriever Panics during Rescue and Acts Like a Scared Child

While dogs may act ferocious and fierce if they feel threatened, they can also appear to cower and look like a scared child – just like the golden retriever in this video shared by Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel on YouTube.

In the clip, the golden retriever was rescued after wandering several days in the streets but the days of terror she had endured had frightened her so much that when the rescuers tried to get her out of her hiding place, she whimpered and cowered like a scared human child, covering her eyes with her paws!

The rescuers had to get her to trust them before they could finally get her out of that hiding spot. It is quite amazing how these people are trying their best to rescue these dogs, endangering their own lives for the sake of these animals!

Thankfully, the dog did not bite the man and eventually went without resistance. It is just sad that the dog had to endure days of being frightened before it could be rescued…