WATCH: Funny Skit of Guy from ‘Hey Joe Show’ Being Interviewed by a Cop

You might have already heard of the Bisaya-speaking Americans of the ‘Hey Joe Show’ – and you’ve probably watched their hilarious antics and inspiring videos while they use Bisaya. These guys can speak Bisaya so good!

Now, there’s this video from the show featuring one of the guys, Sumner, being interviewed by a cop at the police station. The cop went through the usual questions and Sumner as Jhun Jhun Garcia answered them religiously.


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Kinsa diha naa’y sidecar??

Posted by Hey Joe Show on Saturday, September 10, 2016

Here’s the translation, just in case you didn’t understand the video:

Cop: What’s your name, Sir?

Jhun Jhun: Jhun Jhun Garcia

Cop: Age?

Jhun Jhun: 22, Ma’am.

Cop: Occupation?

Jhun Jhun: Tricycle Driver

Cop: Single?

Jhun Jhun: Ay, uhm, with side car, ma’am!

Screenshot of video by Hey Joe Show
Screenshot of video by Hey Joe Show

P.S. We hate to be Capt. Obvious here but for those who didn’t get the skit and thought Sumner was really caught by cops, don’t worry – it’s just a joke!