WATCH: Gas Station Workers Bravely Fight Fire Deliberately Caused by Motorcyclist

Working at the gas station can be one of the most dangerous jobs, considering that the workers have to deal with highly combustible liquids. Thankfully, most people understand that petrol is flammable; thus, they try to keep fire and sparks away from gas stations.

But there’s this one guy who deliberately caused a fire at a gas station, putting many lives in danger! It was a good thing that the petrol station workers were brave – and they even tried to save him when he jumped into the fire! Crazy guy!

The incident reportedly happened at a gas station in Yibin, Sichuan Province in China.

Photo credit: Viral / YouTube

Based on the CCTV footage, a female worker was about to finish filling up a motorcycle when the driver started a fire above the gas tank using what appears to be a lighter. The quick-thinking worker tried to extinguish the flame with her hands but the arsonist added more flame to the fire, causing the lady to run towards the fire extinguisher.

But the motorcyclist was bent on causing a massive fire at that gas station because he quickly pushed the motorcycle to its side, causing the petrol to spill on the items the tank hit. Another worker ran and tried to pull the motorcycle up but with the flames getting bigger, he ran to get another fire extinguisher while the female worker tried putting out the fire.

The crazy motorcyclist even tried to jump on the burning motorcycle but the workers pulled him out. A lot of people helped out to put out the fire, with one worker pulling the big bike away from the pumps to prevent further damage to the gas station.

We highly commend the brave workers for what they have done to put out the fire and help the crazy man. According to local reports, he has been ******** and charged for attempted arson.

We do hope the workers received a pay hike for putting their lives on the line.