WATCH: Giant Worm Emerges from **** Spider in This Creepy Video

WARNING: If you hate worms and creepy crawlies, you’d better not continue watching this video because it’s the probably going to be the creepiest thing you’ll see today!

In a video that was first shared back in 2013 but still going viral in 2016, Brent Askwith [baskwithGaming] shares on YouTube an icky video of a giant parasitic worm emerging from a **** spider. Askwith said that he had sprayed the spider with insecticide but was surprised at the spaghetti-like thing starting to move out of the spider’s body.

The video will surely make your skin crawl! But it is also quite fascinating to watch, actually.

The brown worm does not seem to be affected by the insecticide but with its host dying, the irked parasite had no choice but to leave. What was quite amazing is that after the worm had fully gone out of the **** spider’s body, it was easy to see that it was so large that it must have surely filled the spider’s entire abdominal cavity!

According to RachFeed, worms like this giant Australian brown worm are eaten by spiders in larva form. They develop inside the spider’s body and feed off the host; though they leave the vital organs intact to insure that their host survives. Afterwards, when they are ready to find a new host, they just burst out of the spider’s body, killing it in the explosion! Yuck!

Check out this video:

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