WATCH: Girl Loves Zebras So Much That She Tried to Turn Her Sister into One! LOL

Kids say and do the darnedest things – and you can’t really predict what they will do if they are left by themselves with plenty of things around.

Take for example one girl who transformed her sister into a zebra – using permanent marker! All because she loves zebras… Oooooops!

According to mom Amy Herrmann, she was busy at home when she realized that the house was unusually quiet. Parents around the world know that this could be a sign that either the kids are asleep or they are up to some mischief.

Upon checking on the kids, she discovered something that was rather frustrating for a parent but surely hilarious to someone else: 3-year-old Sovereign had written lines and squiggles across her 18-month-old sister Pippin’s body – using permanent marker, no less!

Photo credit: NTD TV

When asked what she had done to her sister, Sovereign readily replied that she transformed her sister into a zebra because she loves zebras!

After the video had gone viral, Amy received mixed reactions from netizens on social media. Many weren’t pleased that she had left the kids by themselves long enough for Sovereign to do something like that to her sister. Others couldn’t help but notice the scissor on the counter which was also within reach of the girls.

Nonplussed, Amy explained, “We’re a fairly creative bunch. We do lots of drawing and painting. I often paint their faces as their favorite animal, although we don’t usually use a permanent marker!

Watch the video here: