WATCH: Girl Snags World Record for Lowest Limbo after Going Under a Stick Between Two Bottles of Beer!

What’s the lowest you can go for a limbo? Well, I’ve got to admit I wasn’t the most flexible of people even as a kid – and I can’t even limbo under a meter stick without falling flat on my back! LOL.

But there’s this young lady named Shemika Charles from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York who seems to have the body of a snake because she can limbo under a stick that’s placed over two bottles of beer!

Screenshots from video by The Limbo Queen Shemika Charles / Facebook

The feat got her the coveted record on Guinness World Records! The official record she now holds is for the “Lowest Limbo in the World” for doing the limbo under just 8.5 inches of vertical space. That’s just crazy!

I bet she’d be a great superhero!

Check out this video and be amazed at how she achieved the extraordinary feat:


Here at Syracuse University! Here is what I hold the Guinness World Records for! Lowest limbo, under 2 beer bottles…. which is 8.5 inches…. now that’s low 💪😜

Posted by The Limbo Queen Shemika Charles on Friday, February 3, 2017