WATCH: Grandpa Crashes Car in Coca Cola Pool in a Bid for Internet Fame

A 73-year-old Latvian known as ‘Angry Grandpa’ decided to add a little spice to his life so he made a bid to become an instant YouTube celebrity.

To become a YouTube celebrity, it needs any of the following: talent, creativity, or craziness plus luck. The ‘crazy’ part looked easy so he made a pool filled with 12,000 liters of Coca Cola in his farm. It took him 2 days to fill the pool with coca cola, which cost him 8,000 Euros.

If you doubt the level of ‘crazy’, bear in mind that his annual pension is only 2,000 Euros. His children have been sending him money for pills but he saved them for something special like this.

'Angry Grandpa' pouring the last bottle of Coke is his stunt pool.
‘Angry Grandpa’ pouring the last bottle of Coke is his stunt pool.
'Angry Grandpa' crashed into the Coke pool.
‘Angry Grandpa’ crashed into the Coke pool.

Perhaps, if he had used the money for the pills, this may not have happened.

So for the actual stunt, Grandpa drove his old red Audi with ‘high speed’ to the pool and it crashed to the other end. But it worked, after 4 days, his video already have 850,000 views and he got featured on TV.

He managed to get out without injuries on this one but we will be expecting next level crazy on his next stunt.

Watch the video below to help ‘Angry Grandpa’ recover his investments and fund his next run.

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