WATCH: Heartwarming Reunion of Two Orphan Toddlers Reunited After 11 Months and Some 12,000 Miles Away!

Hannah and Dawson were abandoned by their respective parents and were living in an orphanage in China. Hannah has cleft lip and Dawson has a medical condition of having excessive fluids in his brain. In the absence of love and care from their families, they found it with each other. They were best friends.


When Sharon Sykes and her family went to China to adopt Hannah, they discovered about Dawson. They saw how close they were to each other. They even call each other brother and sister. Sharon does not want to leave Dawson in China so she posted about Dawson in Facebook hoping someone in Texas would make him part of their family, too.

Her prayers were answered through Chris and Amy Clary, who happened to live 5 minutes away from Sykes. They have three kids but open-heartedly accepts Dawson as their fourth child.

After 11 months of being far from each other, Hannah and Dawson were reunited at Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport. Watch their heartwarming reunion in the video below.

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