Watch Hilarious Moment Bear and Man frighten Each Other

There are still a lot of areas in the world where people are lucky (or unlucky?) enough to meet wildlife roaming the streets like they belong there. Though we’re hoping these wild creatures will not terrorize the neighborhoods!

Now, there’s this hilarious short video clip of an encounter between a young bear and a man which has since gone viral, gaining over 2.5 million views barely a week after user iksnyrk posted it on YouTube.

The clip was just 4 seconds long – perhaps the shortest ever viral clip – yet it sums up everything in this rather short story. What do you think happened?

Well, you can just imagine yourself in their shoes. You were just out for a walk and was minding your own business when all of a sudden something, errrrrrrr, terrifying crosses your path. You would surely have the same reaction as these two had, that’s for sure!

Watch the hilarious encounter here: