WATCH: Hilarious Moment the Pilot Realizes There’s a Hitchhiker Cat on the Plane’s Wing!

A pilot taking a passenger to enjoy stunning views of French Guiana, a French territory in South America, received the shock of his life when he noticed a terrified stowaway hanging on for dear life on the small plane’s wing: a cat!

Romain Jantot later shared the experience on YouTube, revealing that he had gone through the usual pre-flight safety inspection for what should have been a regular 20-minute flight off a flying club in Kourou, French Guiana.

The pilot must have missed the cat during the safety inspection or the feline had jumped into the plane just before take-off.

While that mystery remains unsolved, what was clear is that Romain did not notice the cat at first as the plane began to taxi on the runway and take-off for the tour. About a minute into the flight, the scared cat was peeking into the small cabin when Romain finally took notice.

The look on his face was priceless!

Screenshot from video by Romain Jantot / YouTube

He later shared that his conversation with the control tower regarding the incident had been hilarious, as expected. Meanwhile, his passenger kept grinning from ear to ear over this unusual encounter as Romain turned the plane back to the airport.

He also advised the passenger not to try and help the cat as it could jump off the plane in fright – and that would surely be a disaster!

Some 3 minutes after take-off, the aircraft lands back at the airport. As soon as the plane stopped, Romain took off his seatbelt and helped the terrified cat off the plane’s wing but he indignant feline didn’t want to cuddle. Instead, it jumped away – just as he had expected it might do if it was disturbed mid-flight!

Romain revealed that some 10 minutes later, the cat (who turns out to be the flight club’s mascot!) was lounging in the hangar and was soon enjoying a bowl of his favorite food!

It was definitely a ride of a lifetime – and we’re thankful they all survived…

Watch the hilarious moment here: