WATCH: Hilarious Performance of “Chefs” with Frying Pans

When two guys went on-stage, each bringing two shiny frying pans, the audience knew they were not going to do any cooking as they did not have any clothes on! They were actually just using the frying pans to cover themselves.

So, what’s so different about this performance? Well, as you might have already guessed, the two are going to attempt a hilarious burlesque show where the frying pans play a major role.

If you have seen the Towel Guys we featured last year, then you already have an idea what happens to these two when the music starts. As with the guys we had previously featured, these “chefs” were able to deliver an exciting and hilarious performance that had the audience laughing in delight.

The excitement level increases as they begin to lose their frying pans. The Chef Guys’ performance surely topped that of the Towel Guys!

Check out the hilarious video here: