WATCH: Is this the Most Adorable Dog Costume Ever?

Do you want a stress reliever? Funny dog videos are almost always guaranteed to reduce stress but this video is something else. Watch this very adorable dog in panda costume and you will certainly want to play it in a loop.

Most dog costumes require dressing the whole body to get the desired look. However, this panda costume requires only the head and the front legs. The side view may look ordinary but the front view looks extremely panda-like.

Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video

Watch the short clip that transforms a dog into a miniature running panda from a distance. This is certainly one of the most adorable dog costumes with a very simple concept that would make you say “why haven’t I thought of that?”

To all panda and dog lovers out there, this is a must-have costume to your dog. For best results, your dog must be white with panda-like black spots on the head.

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