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WATCH: It was All Fake! ‘Generous’ Chinese Social Media Star Caught on Video ‘Taking the Money Back’

‘Acts of generosity’ videos are one of the surefire ways to get viral on social media. Brother Jie, a social media star from China knows exactly how it works and decided to capitalize on it.

Brother Jie has been very popular for acts of generosity by live streaming himself giving away money to villagers in remote rural areas. It definitely works. Soon, fans have been sending him virtual gifts which can be converted to cash to make him continue his cause.

It was working good for him and the world of generous deeds when he got a taste of an old adage ‘the truth will prevail’. In a ‘fortunate’ turn of events, another video emerged showing his crew taking the money back.

Brother Jie's fake charity has been revealed.
Brother Jie’s fake charity has been revealed.

The video immediately caught fire in social media and Brother Jie had no choice but to admit his fraudulent charity acts. Brother Jie said sorry to his fans and confessed that it was all nothing but a money-making scheme. Live-streaming on at least 500 fans will net you over $700 a day.

His celebrity days are over and he went from ‘being praised’ to ‘being condemned’ really quick.

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