WATCH: Kid in Toy Car Seen Playing and Counterflowing in Busy Street!

A young boy, possibly 3 or 4 years old, was caught on camera as he played in the streets on his toy car, unaware of the danger that he was in especially because he was going against the flow of traffic on that busy street and that he’s too small to be seen by most drivers!

CCTV footage of the incident went viral on social media, with Facebook page Filipino Vines sharing the clip; however, the incident seems to have happened in China, not in the Philippines.

In the video, the child could be seen manually driving the car across the flow of traffic using his small legs to make the toy vehicle go.

Screenshot of video shared by Filipino Vines / Facebook
Screenshot of video shared by Filipino Vines / Facebook

A number of vehicles had to swerve to ensure they don’t hit him but not one of the drivers bothered to stop to put the kid out of danger. A speeding bus even came close to hitting him!

There were also pedestrians walking beside the road but it was possible that everyone was afraid to interfere as there had been a number of cases wherein the ones who saved the accident victim were also included in the lawsuit; thus, people tend to ignore things like this so they won’t be too involved and possibly face charges.

The child continued to ride his toy car in the busy street – and had everyone wondering where his parents or babysitters are! Thankfully, a security guard spotted him in the street and quickly went to help. Whew!

Still, knowing that kids are very curious and observant, it really is important to keep them safe and out of the street! After all, their small size would make it difficult for the drivers to see them darting in and out of traffic…

Check out this heart-stopping video:

Driving like a bossDriving like a boss
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Posted by Filipino Vines on Monday, October 31, 2016