WATCH: Lamborghini Brand Allegedly Launched after Founder Got Insulted by Enzo Ferrari

In the world of super cars, there is no doubt that the Lamborghini and the Ferrari are among the top brands, the names that even non-enthusiasts can recall when asked about the brand names of the fast luxury cars they can think about.

Considering that the Ferrari was founded in 1939 and had long established its name before Lamborghini came to the picture in 1963, there is also no doubt that the older brand is better known and has sold more cars yet they remain in competition ever since Lamborghini was launched.

And this great rivalry is said to have resulted after Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari, supposedly insulted Lamborghini founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Screenshot from video by iElevate Institute

According to reports, Lamborghini was born to grape farmers but he would later open a business manufacturing tractors after he learned how to be a mechanic. The business was such a huge success that the name Lamborghini would soon be well-known in the farm vehicles industry.

As a wealthy man, Ferruccio Lamborghini developed a taste for luxury vehicles and owned several fast cars, including a Jaguar, a Ferrari, and a Mercedes 300 SL. He encountered frequent problems with the clutch of his Ferrari so much that he decided to pay Enzo Ferrari a visit to bring the matter to his attention.

According to accounts of the meeting, Ferrari allegedly just laughed at him and told him to mind his own business of making tractors and not dip into the affairs of car manufacturers.

While Lamborghini went on to fix the Ferrari from a clutch he uses in his tractors, the insult so greatly affected him that he would design and build his own brand to specifically become Ferrari’s main competitor. In so doing, he was able to get a chunk of Ferrari’s market and would soon have his own brand shining on its own, much like the Ferrari.

A number of people don’t believe the story actually happened, especially because there were also other accounts that claimed Enzo Ferrari didn’t even bother meeting up with Ferruccio Lamborghini; thus, he was never really insulted because the supposed meeting never happened.

Still, because Lamborghini launched the brand by targeting Ferrari’s market, many continue to speculate that the insult incident did happen in some unknown time in the founder’s lives and Ferruccio Lamborghini was only trying to retaliate.

If that’s the case, then Ferrari certainly made a grave error when he insulted Lamborghini…

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