WATCH: Lion Prowls the Streets of a Village in India While Curious Onlookers Just Watch Nearby

What is more disturbing, a lioness prowling the village streets or curious people staying just several meters away from the lion?

The lioness was caught on tape roaming through the streets in Virpur, India. It was believed that the lion strayed into the village at night but did not return to the forest at daybreak. It was found early in the morning still sitting next to the cow it killed.

The villagers tried to drive it away which probably confused the lion because there seemed to be onlookers on either direction. A man riding in a car tried to drive the lion away by poking it with a stick. Later, the lion seems to be trying to find a way out as people are seen just a few meters behind it without even equipping themselves with weapons! Some people stand on low-lying fences that the lion could have easily leaped over.

If there was a lesson on the video, it is probably a realization that lions are not as dangerous as they are portrayed to be. Or is it just because the lion was full that day?

It was reported that after an hour, rangers were able to send the lion back to the forest. Luckily no one else was hurt by the lion except for the cow.