WATCH: Man in T-Rex Costume Jumps into Enclosure to Dare the Alligator to Fight!

It really is amazing what crazy things people do these days for attention and for their 15 minutes of fame. Take for example this rather brave but totally crazy guy who wore a T-Rex costume and jumped into the alligator enclosure to dare the creature to fight!

Now, the guy in the costume could surely be ripped to pieces by that alligator so easily but he knows that even predators size up their opponents and don’t attack without some plan of action, especially if their opponent looks bigger and more fearsome.

Of course, should the alligator feel brave and go into full attack or discover that this was actually just a soft-skinned, tender creature, that guy wouldn’t last a full minute in that enclosure!

Screenshot from video by NTD.TV / Facebook
Screenshot from video by NTD.TV / Facebook

We are surely hoping that he had the sense to get out of that enclosure before the alligator started attacking full force because even with that fearsome dinosaur costume on, he does really doesn’t stand a chance against that alligator!

Check out this rather foolhardy but admittedly funny video:

T-Rex vs Alligator! 😄

Posted by NTD.TV on Tuesday, November 29, 2016