Watch: Mom Captures Video of Terrifying Moment a Lightning Bolt Almost Hits Her Son

Carolina Kotur was filming her 12-year-old son playing in the rain when a thunderbolt struck in the area. Luckily, the boy has survived the potentially deadly ordeal.

Parental Warning: Don’t let your children play outside during thunderstorms. In fact, the main rule is that no one should be outside during thunderstorms.

Carolina, from Posadas, Argentina, was just filming her son playing with an umbrella under the drainpipe just outside their home when the shocking moment was captured on film. A lightning bolt suddenly struck within the vicinity and the whole area was lit. The video was suddenly cut when she rushed towards her son.

Image: YouTube / ZaiCo Pin
Image: YouTube / ZaiCo Pin

She has confirmed that her son has miraculously survived the ordeal.

During an interview with the local media, Carolina narrated the incident. She said: “It was morning, I was with my daughter in the room calming her, because she is scared of lightning.

“Then the lady who works in my house told me that my son was walking in the rain and I started filming because I was making a joke, and right next to him the lightning struck.”

“Thank God, nothing happened to him.”

The storm has devastated their region and her son was very lucky to survive.

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The Sun

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