WATCH: “Monster” Catfish Swallows a Similar-Sized Fish in Whole, Doubles in Size!

Someone was filming the fishes in his tank but the routine activity turned into something crazy when one of the catfish swallowed its tankmate whole! Eeeeeek!

The strange and rather disturbing video was shared by NTD Television where it had gone viral, gaining over 21.65 million views within just 3 weeks after it was posted.

It seems that people were amazed at the sight of a fish actually managing to swallow a similar-sized fish whole.

At first, the fishes in the tank were just swimming around and minding their own business. But one of the catfish suddenly lunged at the other fish and began to swallow it. It was definitely a sight to see, especially because it seemed to be having a rather difficult time getting the whole fish in.

Screenshots from video by NTD Television / Facebook

What’s surprising is that there were actually other, smaller fishes in that tank yet this catfish chose this big one! Perhaps it just wanted to test whether it can eat that big fish, eh?

Amazingly, the catfish was successful in its venture and could be seen doubling in size towards the end of the video – yup, there’s still evidence of the crime committed. LOL.

We couldn’t help but laugh, though, that the other catfish began to take notice of the monster one’s kill when it was about to finish swallowing the golden fish and they began to try nibbling on the now double-sized catfish’s stomach!

They must have thought the catfish looks weird now with its sides looking like it would burst any given time. Yuck! Let’s just hope that didn’t happen as it would surely be a huge mess on that tank…

Watch the “monster” catfish swallow its tankmate in this video. WARNING: Video can be distressing!


A monster catfish swallows one of his tank mates and doubles in size! 😮
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Posted by NTD Television on Wednesday, February 1, 2017