WATCH: Netizens Express Amazement after Watching Video of What Koreans Do When an Accident Happens

Accidents happen even to the most careful of drivers. Oftentimes, the scene of the accident quickly becomes congested, with other vehicles trying to squeeze into the available space on the road to get on their way.

Now, things like that cause further traffic, especially if all the drivers want to get ahead of the others. When that happens, emergency services are often blocked from reaching the affected people – and that’s really dangerous considering that many accident victims require swift treatment or still have to be retrieved from the crumpled vehicles.

Screenshot from video by Pinoy Rap Radio / 9GAG

In South Korea, something else happens during accidents – and a video of this has gone viral on social media, earning praise from netizens who hoped that people from their respective countries would also become as disciplined and patient as these people.

Check out how the drivers of the vehicles near the accident scene created a clear path for the ambulance to pass through in this video:


This is beautiful!

Posted by Pinoy Rap Radio on Thursday, February 2, 2017

Amazing, isn’t it? If only we can all become as patient and disciplined as these people…

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