WATCH: Netizens Laughing over Video of ‘Injured’ Dog Who Turned Out to be Alright

There are a lot of stray dogs that often get hit by vehicles and end up getting injured and partially paralyzed for the rest of their lives but it seems that there are also those who know how to pretend injury!

In a video that has gone viral on The LAD Bible’s Facebook page, gaining over 3.7 million views, a dog could be seen dragging half of its body as it moved along the street. It was a pitiful sight – and many pet lovers would later comment that the people who saw the dog in the street were heartless because they didn’t try to help the poor creature.

Well, it is highly likely they already know this dog’s trick.

Screenshot from video by The LAD Bible

As traffic would soon come to a standstill because the car at the front was afraid of moving as it might hit the dog, some people went out of their vehicles to assist the dog but – voila! – it quickly righted itself and trotted away!

Silly dog. LOL.

Check out this funny video:

Cheeky Dog Pretends To Be Injured

This smart dog pretends to be injured 🐶

Posted by The LAD Bible on Friday, February 3, 2017

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