WATCH: Orangutan Turns Emotional as it Tries to Caress and Kiss Pregnant Woman’s Belly through the Glass Enclosure

Orangutans are said to be among the smartest primates – and one just proved that in a video that has gone viral on social media.

The clip was shared by Kieran Bettany who went to the zoo with his pregnant wife, Kayley Bettany. The two were standing outside the primate enclosure when an orangutan moved closer, attracted to Kayley’s bulging belly.

Photo credit: Kieran Bettany / Facebook
Photo credit: Kieran Bettany / Facebook

Kieran was able to capture the touching moment that the orangutan tried to kiss and caress Kayley’s belly but because of the glass, it could only do as much. He also revealed that the male orangutan cried afterwards, feeling emotional after seeing this pregnant woman’s belly!

Amazing. He even cried Kayley Bettany

Posted by Kieran Bettany on Friday, January 1, 2016

We will never know what went on in the orangutan’s brain but it surely knew that this woman was carrying something special in that huge belly of hers! Quite possibly, this male orangutan already has children and knew what a pregnant belly looks like or it could have known this by instinct!

Still, no matter the reason behind the gesture, it still was quite lovely to watch this creature turn emotional over a pregnant human’s belly.