Watch Out for Deril, the Amazing Dog. Everyone Gets Amazed as the Dog Gives CPR to His Trainer!

Nowadays, almost every army trains dogs for special purposes. But the training Deril the dog has obviously undergone is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. As dramatic and amazing as it sounds, it is partly true, because Deril the Dog does give his owner Lusy Imbergova CPR, but it was only part of their routine as they performed at the FCI FCI 2016 Dog Dance World Championships held in Moscow, Russia this past June.

Take this scenario: dog’s owner collapses, dog barks and jumps up and down on the owner’s chest and the result? Owner revives enough to call for help. Isn’t it amazing?  That’s what happened during the pair’s performance which wowed and captured the interest of the crowd and the media in the middle of their freestyle routine. Lusy feigned injury, she somehow collapsed and the talented dog went to work by starting to give CPR to her! Deril even alternately gave chest compressions with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The talented dog showed everyone that he had skills to be a lifesaver, and their performance garnered the team from Italy 2nd Place in the Freestyle Division.

Watch their amazing performance below: