WATCH: Petite Japanese Lady Devours Three Dozen Donuts in One Sitting! Unbelievable…

How many donuts can you eat in one sitting? I’d say it would depend on the donut but, most likely, the most I could eat is 4 or 5. But one petite Japanese lady could devour three dozen in one sitting! Whoa! Can you believe that?

It really is hard to believe that this was possible at all but Yuka Kinoshita had done it – and on live video so people won’t accuse her of just editing the clip to make it appear like she ate all those donuts in one go!

Screenshot from video by Yuka Kinoshita / YouTube

In a video that has gone viral on YouTube and Facebook as well as other social media, Kinoshita shows to us just how exactly can a small lady like her eat such a huge serving of donuts. Of course, it would surely get you asking where she puts all that food (and the calories, too!)…

Check out this video and see for yourself how one petite woman ate up three dozen donuts in one sitting! Unbelievable but actually true.

It also seems that this was not the first time she achieved such feat. She also ate the same number of donuts last year:

Oh, she’s also fond of eating other types of food – in large quantities! She’s one of the people who run their own food eating show on the internet, a craze called “mukbang” where they eat a huge quantity of food on live broadcast while their fans and followers watch. Weird but it actually brings them a lot of money!

But I’m still wondering where all that food went…

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