WATCH: Priceless Reactions of Patients with ****** to Makeover which Made Them Forget Their Illness for a While

For most, there is no enemy more resented than a traitor – the one you trusted to eliminate would-be invaders, only to be betrayed from within. And in the human body, there is a special name for such treachery and it’s called ******.

Living with ****** is a constant struggle. Currently, there is no cure for ******, only the alleviation of the symptoms. Patients not only have to adapt to the physical impact of the disease but also to the mental pressures of it. But what if someone could wave a magic wand and brush all the worries aside – if only for a while?

The ****** charity The Mimi Foundation, did just that as they organized a heart-warming project which allowed ****** patients to feel carefree for a brief moment. The organization gave makeovers to 20 ****** patients and they captured the very first moment the individuals saw the new look, and indeed, what they captured was beautiful. As a condition, the participants were asked to close their eyes throughout the hair and make-up session so as not to ruin the surprise.

The result and the photos taken that were meant to inspire us all are compiled in a 60-page book called “Ne serait-ce qu’une seconde” (“If only for a second”). “Going through this book, the reader is carried away by laughter, giggles and carefree faces. Readers will even be surprised to have on their own faces… a smile. This is at the heart of the idea.”

Watch their makeovers below:

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