WATCH: Rock Star Nuns Go Viral, Netizens Joke They Should be Named “Nuns n’ Roses”

The first things that often come to mind when you think about nuns are rosaries and Bibles but there’s a group of nuns in Lima, Peru who call themselves the Siervas. They differ from other nuns in that they aren’t just your ‘regular’ nuns who piously pray at the convent, they are also rock stars!

The Siervas have released various music videos which had gone viral – and they are now popular even among those who could not understand their native language.

Screenshot from video by Siervas / YouTube

They have over 72,000 followers on Facebook and have received countless requests to translate their music that their updated videos now come with English subtitles/translations!

While there are plenty of songs that you know are religious within the first line, the Siervas have made music that sound like a typical pop rock band’s song but actually had religious lyrics.

Nuns that rock

The nuns that rock.

Posted by BBC News on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

On BBC’s post, some netizens recommended the group change their name to “Nuns n’ Roses”, an apparent allusion to “Guns n’ Roses” which was one of the greatest and most popular rock bands of all time…

Check out this wonderful video of the nuns singing their original song, “Hoy Despierto”. Click [CC] below the video to activate the English sub-titles.