Watch Sea Lion’s Amazing Reaction When Child Falls Down

A little girl was playing with a sea lion at the National Zoological Park. She would run along the glass enclosure and the animal would swim along. They were doing it for a few minutes when the child accidentally falls down to the floor.

It was quite impressive how the sea creature responded! It stopped on its tracks and looked hard at the direction of the girl, watching as she struggled to stand up. Now, that might not be puzzling to you – but you have to realize that this is a sea creature, after all, not a person. Thus, such a reaction is something that you don’t normally expect.

A few theories have been placed forward by the people who watched the video; with some saying the sea lion must have thought she was some kind of toy.

Well, whatever the sea lion must have been thinking, the reaction was still awesome. Watch the video below to check out the moment for yourself: