WATCH: ‘Sleeping’ Alligator Shocks Tourists by Jumping into Their Boat!

Why is it that humans can’t always respect the laws of nature and the environment? Unlucky for them, nature has a way of getting back at humans for the atrocities they have done – and some of those incidents can be deadly!

Now, there’s this video making rounds on social media of a group of tourists who went a little too close to a basking alligator. Perhaps they thought it was harmless because it appears to be motionless and sleeping but they would soon shriek in fear after the wild creature jumped into their boat!

I guess you could blame the tour guide for that as he knows for sure that alligators in the area aren’t exactly stuffed toys and pets.

Screenshots from video by Huffington Post UK Comedy / Facebook

In the video, the guide could be heard telling the group some tidbits of information about alligators but while they joked about the creature, it probably understood what they were talking about and decided to scare them off!

The camera shows the chaos that ensued as the creature wreaked havoc in the boat but, lucky for them, it would soon make its way out of the boat and into the water; although it got stuck a bit on the railing before it was finally able to make its getaway.

The tourists were laughing after the alligator was out of the boat – but they were extremely lucky no one was harmed in the incident!

I hope this gave them a lesson not to mess with nature and to always respect wildlife…

Watch the heart-stopping video here: