WATCH: Sleeping Dad Catches Baby Just an Inch Away from Hitting the Floor Headfirst!

Kids can be really hyperactive and prone to accidents but even when they are just staying put, accidents can still happen! Take for example this video shared by father-of-four Brian Stucki from Las Vegas, Nevada.

In a CCTV footage taken inside their living room, the whole family could be seen relaxing on the sofa, watching TV but it was clear that he and the kid he was holding were both asleep. Another kid, who looks like the eldest of the lot, was also sitting on him while he sleeps.

One of the kids was beside Brian’s wife while another small boy named Samm was between him and his wife, Candace. This boy in the middle was so busy with the iPod that he didn’t even notice he was already tumbling headfirst off the sofa!

Photo credit: Mirror UK / Brian Stucki
Photo credit: Mirror UK / Brian Stucki

Amazingly, even though he was sleeping, Brian was able to catch Samm and prevent him from hitting the floor – at the same time, Candace was also able to support him.

Clearly amazed, Candace exclaimed, “Wow, that was a great catch!

Brian later told Mirror UK, “We laugh because while Candace says that, Samm is still hanging upside down and still looking at the iPod.

After he was praised for the rather timely and incredible catch, Brian downplayed the matter and said that a lot of dads out there have done the same – and the only difference is that his catch was caught on camera because they have security cameras in and around the house.

There are a lot of dads who make grabs like this one. It’s a good thing to have a dad around,” he said. “I like to see so many people commenting that they love their dads to be around, and that they’ve always been there for them to care for their needs and to love and protect them. Good dads are the best.

Watch his incredible catch here: