WATCH: Someone Removed the Music from “We Are the Champions”… Check Out Freddie Mercury’s Awesome Voice

Queen was one of the best bands and Freddie Mercury was definitely one of the best singers this world has ever known. And those are facts that are proven by the continued interest of fans in their music – something that is quite amazing considering that Freddie Mercury died over 25 years ago!

While the other band members lived on and made a name for themselves individually, their success had never been as great as when Queen ‘ruled’ the world of music.

Recently, someone created a video where all the background music was removed, leaving us with Freddie Mercury’s pure voice – and its somewhat magical! And just remember this came from a time when there was no auto-tune!

This simply proves that Freddie Mercury’s voice is pure gold…

Check out this video of “We Are the Champions” sans the background music:

Don’t be surprised if you can ‘hear’ the background music, though, as you must have heard the song so many times that your brain tries to put the music into the song to fill in the empty gaps.

For comparison, you can view the official video here:

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