WATCH: Squirrel Picks a Fight Against Bull Snake… And Actually Wins!

In a battle of a squirrel against a snake, we all know who is sure to win – the snake, right? Well, it seems that we’re wrong on that assumption because squirrels can actually win in such a battle. In fact, one squirrel has gone viral for breaking the stereotype and actually winning against a bull snake!

In a clip that has been viewed over 15 million times, a squirrel could be seen facing a snake that didn’t even seem interested in a fight but the rodent picked a fight with the reptile. The squirrel attacked first, biting at the snake’s middle part.

Screenshot from video by Green444Man / YouTube
Screenshot from video by Green444Man / YouTube

The snake wasn’t about to give up without a fight – it is, after all, a snake! So, the reptile tried to attack the squirrel but the rodent was too nimble for him. A few minutes later, it was clear that the snake was no match to the ‘crazy’ squirrel.

Conceding defeat, the snake began to slither away but the squirrel wasn’t finished yet. It continued to nibble on the snake! Silly squirrel! Perhaps it thought the snake was a pack of moving nuts? LOL.

Check out the surprising video here:

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