WATCH: Sweet Moment Old Man Surprises Wife at the Airport with Flowers and a Card

A sweet video of an old man waiting for his wife gained widespread media attention, with over 1 million likes and close to 30 million views within just a day after it was uploaded on Facebook by netizen Chris GQ Perry.

The clip, taken at the at the Van Nuys Flyaway in Los Angeles by netizen Valerie Jane, shows a smartly dressed old guy holding a bouquet of flowers on his right hand and what appears to be a greeting card on his left hand. He must have been waiting for quite some time there to have caught the attention of the netizen who filmed the video.

When the man’s wife arrived, the two kissed and hugged – it was clear that they love each other very much. The sweet moment caught on camera amazed netizens because, even in its simplicity (what’s exciting about an old man and old woman kissing, anyway?) it shows us all that true love still exists. That we can still grow old with our partners and be just as in love as if we were still young!

No wonder this video went viral…So sweet.

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