Watch: The 30 Most Embarrassing Moments for Celebrities. Yikes!

We all have that one celebrity that we look up to, idolize and often imitate. To us, celebrities seem perfect, and sometimes, we also want to attain the kind of ‘perfection we think they have. But hey, nobody’s perfect, and celebrities are no exception to that.

Being a celebrity and living in the limelight may have its perks and advantages, it also has its downsides. If you happen to be a celebrity, no matter where you are and what you’re doing, there is usually someone nearby documenting your every move through the eye of a lens, through cameras and video recorders.

We came across this video that shows celebrities too, can get into the worst mishaps at times–and these ‘accidents’ are just funny and hilarious! We may have seen celebrities stumbling onstage, having ‘nip slips’, wardrobe malfunctions and shaving horrors, but the scenes and embarrassing moments we are going to share are definitely a must-see.

Watch the cringe-worthy video below and make sure to share with your friends!