WATCH: These African Guys Use Leg as Bait to Catch Big Snake!

While most people around the world would run away at the sign of a snake, small or big, there are many tribesmen in Africa who would actually run towards one as fast as they could! In fact, there are people so brave (or crazy?) that they would willingly use their bodies as bait to catch that big snake!

Of course, while that would definitely sound crazy for most of us, such is their way of life – and catching a big snake could mean food for the tribe not just for a day or two but even for a week!

If you don’t believe us, then let us show it to you in the way of a video shared by Obaid Kadwani on Facebook.

Screenshot of video from Obaid Kadwani / Facebook
Screenshot of video from Obaid Kadwani / Facebook

In the clip, one of the hunters could be seen rubbing some unknown liquid unto his leg. Afterwards, he stuck his leg inside the snake’s lair and the group waited. Sure enough, the snake took the bait! But the man has to wait until the snake had swallowed a good part of his leg before he asks the other hunters to pull him out to ensure that they would really get the reptile!

It’s surely not for the fainthearted! Even watching the video would make you cringe and, quite possibly, hyperventilate.

Check out this video if you think you won’t faint…

Catch a big snake with your leg as baitCatch a big snake with your leg as bait

Posted by Obaid Kadwani on Wednesday, September 7, 2016