WATCH: These Dogs are Having a Race on Kiddie Bikes! This is Unbelievable…

Dogs love to ride cars and various vehicles, even motorcycles and bikes – but it is rare to see dogs driving these vehicles, right? Well, I say ‘rare’ because it can actually be done!

Take for example this video of two dogs having a race on kiddie bikes. These dogs are world record holders after taking on the challenge, “Fastest Time for a Dog to Cycle 20 Meters on a Tricycle”.

The first dog to reach the finish line only took 37.59 seconds to win the race after cycling on that bike on its own! The other dog would have actually won the race but it went backwards after almost reaching the finish line.

While many pet lovers were concerned that the dogs are hurt by the cycling because it seems that they were whimpering, it turns out that the bikes were making the squeaking sound and not the dogs.

What do you think of these incredible dogs?

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