WATCH: These Easy-to-Make Realistic Halloween Projections Will Definitely Terrify Your Neighbors

For many homeowners, decorating their homes for Halloween is almost as exciting as decorating for Christmas. The especially creative ones get to build something from scratch – and still manage to scare the neighbors away and win the prize for the scariest house in the neighborhood!

But if you are not so creative, don’t lose hope because you still might win this year, thanks to the realistic ghost projections you can easily create using a smartphone and a projector.

A company called AtmosFEARfx has just made Halloween scarier and more exciting, thanks to their digital decorations which you can easily download using a smartphone. You can choose from a wide range of designs.

Some samples of digital Halloween decor from AtmosFEARfx / Facebook
Some samples of digital Halloween decor from AtmosFEARfx / Facebook

By connecting your digital decoration to a projector, you’ll be able to create a realistic Halloween projections of your choice: be it a witch, a vampire, a dead man, a demon, a zombie, or some other character.

Watch the video of how this thing works – we’re quite sure you’ll be amazed!

This company is taking Halloween decorations to the next level

Credit: AtmosFEARfx

Posted by Viral Thread on Saturday, October 22, 2016

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