WATCH: These New Dads Go Dancing with Their Babies in this Adorable Video

Who doesn’t love a dad wearing a baby carrier? Seeing dads wearing baby carriers is like seeing a modern superhero, except without a cape and superhero costume. If you love seeing dads wearing baby carriers carrying their adorable little ones, you’ve got to check out this class of new dads dancing to “Play that Funky Music” all with their newborns strapped to their chest! Isn’t it amazing?

California-based company Team Groovaroo had the awesome idea of creating dance classes aimed especially for parents and their babies, and also, creating a video of new dads taking part in one of classes with their little ones and has gone viral. Team Groovaroo, who specialize in “funky babywearing line dance classes'”, had the new dads dance to Play That Funky Music, and the group rose up to the challenge perfectly. They happily danced along to the choreographed routine with their babies strapped to their chests, performing an adorable dance routine while giving the new moms a chance to have a little time to themselves and give them a little catch up time.

The video below is surely an adorable one that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Hit the play button below and see for yourselves!

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