WATCH: They Aren’t Rich But This Boy Asked Mom to Buy Extra Food So They Can Share with Homeless People!

They don’t have a lot of money but 7-year-old Isaac asked his mom whether they could buy plenty of extra food with what money they had left after going grocery shopping. His puzzled mom became really happy and proud when he told her that the extra food is for the homeless people!

Since then, the two are making rounds in their community from time to time so they could share food with the homeless families – and Isaac is pretty much pleased with what they are doing.

Screenshot from video by NTD TV / Facebook
Screenshot from video by NTD TV / Facebook

It is wonderful that his mom had taught him to be kind and generous that he readily applied this and shared what they had with less fortunate people. With that, he even got to meet new friends in the kids living in the streets! Isn’t that so wonderful?

Check out Isaac’s kind actions in this video featured on NTD Television:

This is so beautiful! A mother taught her son to be kind to others! 😊✨💝
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Posted by NTD Television on Thursday, December 1, 2016