WATCH: This 7-Year-Old Boy Earns $21,000 Through Recycling, Starts Own Company!

Since he was three and a half years old, Ryan Hickman started Ryan’s Recycling Company by collecting recyclable materials in their neighborhood. The boy enjoyed doing this so much that he continued to collect not just from the neighborhood but in other places; soon, his company became a popular option for sending your used bottles, plastics, and boxes.

But the little business has turned into something big – and Ryan has earned over $21,000 in his recycling business! That is definitely huge money, especially for a young kid to earn but while his parents want him to save the money for college, the young boy had other plans.

Screenshot from video by 60 Second Docs / Facebook – Love What Really Matters

Can you guess what he will do with his money? Buy a garbage truck, of course!

It seems that this boy has come to realize that there is money in trash – and he is willing to work on this business so he could get a garbage truck and recycle more garbage.

But Ryan’s motivation wasn’t primarily about money. In fact, the young lad wanted to start recycle so he could help in saving sea creatures from dying due to plastics and various trash items that reach the ocean! What a noble reason to start a business that would earn this kid a lot of money!

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