WATCH: This 78-year-old Grandma is Stronger than You

Do you believe that a 78-year old grandma can dead-lift 245 lbs? That is quite impossible but this wonder woman grandma actually can! Shirley Webb, is 78 years old and just an ordinary grandmother before she joined Club Fitness in Wood Lawn, Illinois.

She became an instant celebrity after her trainer, John Wright filmed her accomplishments and posted it on their gym’s Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Ed Webb
Photo Credit: Ed Webb

Shirley’s reason in signing up was just to accompany her 20-year-old granddaughter but there is nothing to regret because she is doing well in her newfound hobby. When she started, she could not even stand up without help from someone else. Now she is able to do things you would not expect from people her age…

Weight lifting is not easy especially if you are almost an octogenarian. However, Shirley was able to do it and she was able to compete in two regional competitions already.

She became an inspiration and a living proof that weightlifting is a sport that is not exclusive for the young.


Watch the incredible video below.

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