WATCH: This Adorable 4-Year-Old Girl Fluently Speaks 7 Languages!

Many of us know at least 2 languages – and one of these is usually English or some other major language in the region we are living in that we learn as we grow but there’s this girl in Russia who, at 4 years old, can already speak 7 languages fluently!

Featured on ‘In the NOW’, Bella amazed the audience as well as millions of people on the internet after she spoke fluently using all these 7 languages. But if you think she just memorized it all, you’re mistaken because she actually comprehends the words and answers questions – not just use the languages in sentences by herself.

Screenshot from video by In the NOW
Screenshot from video by In the NOW

Amazingly, this young lady is also quite good in reading these other languages considering that many 4 year olds can’t even read English sentences yet!

After the performance, her mom was asked how Bella did it and she said it all started when the little girl was 2 years old and showed interest in learning more languages.

Watch the performance here and be amazed by this adorable young girl…

4-year-old Russian girl speaks fluently in 7 languages4-year-old Russian girl stuns crowd by speaking fluently in 7 languages


Posted by In the NOW on Monday, October 24, 2016

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