WATCH: This Adorable Toddler Just Couldn’t Stop Blowing Kisses and Saying “I Love You” as He Bids Dad Goodbye

His dad was about to ride away for some business, so little Carlton went out to say goodbye but it was the longest and most adorable goodbye I have ever seen – and it’s guaranteed to melt your heart!

In this video, we get to see 1-year-old Carlton as he waves goodbye to his dad but instead of the usual, “Bye, I love you, dad!” and daddy rides off, this one stretched to 3 minutes as the young just couldn’t stop blowing kisses and saying “I love you, daddy”. He would also say, “Be careful, daddy” before blowing more kisses and expressing more love.

Dad also made sure to return the love his son expresses but he’s also got to go or else they would both spend the day at that driveway, just saying goodbye to each other. Still, as dad slowly navigates his car and says goodbye, little Carlton never wavered in his resolved to show dad just how much he loves him!

What an adorable and loving pair! And dad just couldn’t resist his beloved son because halfway through the driveway, he gets down and gives the boy a hug.

Dad was probably late for work that day but for a very wonderful reason – and I am quite sure he doesn’t mind at all!

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