WATCH: This American Guy Tries Some Popular Filipino Snacks

An American vlogger tried some popular Filipino snacks but his reaction to these food earned the ire of a number of Filipinos who didn’t like the way he expressed disgust over the items he did not like.

Now, Filipinos are known for their delicious foods and tasty dishes but they also have some pretty weird stuff; still, the ones vlogger Matthias tried were actually popular treats in this tropical Asian country. It shocked many Filipinos that Matthias did not like these snack items and even said they did not taste good at all!

Of course, a lot of netizens did not really expect Matthias to like all the food he tries on his channel but it does feel kind of insulting for many Filipinos that he expressed such utter disgust of their favorite foods. Hmmmm… maybe Matthias should try the world-famous Filipino balut! I wonder how he would react to that…