WATCH: Toddler Miraculously Survives Getting Hit by Huge Car Transporter

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere – but there are just some things that could have been prevented, if only the drivers had been more careful and were following proper traffic rules.

A heart-stopping video has recently gone viral after it showed the miraculous survival of a toddler who was hit by a huge car transporter.

The video did not immediately show the toddler but first started by showing a scooter at a traffic stop, alongside a car transporter. At first we thought that the vehicles were going to move forward but the car transporter soon began to veer right, even with the scooter right next to it!

Screenshot from video by NTD TV / Facebook

The scooter wasn’t able to escape from getting hit by the car transporter. From another angle, the huge vehicle’s movement was clearly shown – and the scooter would later be seen on the ground, with its angry driver running towards the car transporter’s driver and banging hard on the door to get the man’s attention.

Seconds later, the car transporter stopped – and out from under its bed crawled a toddler! Whew! It was a good thing she wasn’t crushed by that vehicle! This truly showed a miracle.

Watch the heart-stopping video here:


Toddler miraculously survives fatal car crash 😱

Posted by Awesome World on Saturday, February 11, 2017