WATCH: Touching Moment Blind Man Sees His Wife and Son for the First Time, Thanks to ‘Magic’ Glasses

Born with degenerative eye condition called Stargardt disease which cost him his eyesight, legally blind Gene Purdue hasn’t seen his wife and son; although he sees small portions of their faces that he ‘saves’ in his mind and try to put together, much like pieces of a puzzle, to try and ‘see’ them.

He was born with the condition and countless doctors have told them there was no cure and that there was nothing they can do to make Gene see again. But Gene’s wife Joy was not ready to give up. They continued searching for a cure to his condition or a way to make him see again.

What’s even more touching about their love story is that Joy loved Gene unconditionally despite his condition.

Screenshot from video by eSight / Rachel Ray Show

It was back in college when they first met. Joy recalled how she saw this guy walking several times in front of her, seemingly trying to get her attention but not saying anything. The next day, she saw him do it again and asked what’s the real score but was surprised to be told he did not actually see her since he’s blind. LOL.

They would soon become friends and later fall in love. They are now married and have a son named Lincoln.

One day, while watching the Rachel Ray Show, she saw someone with the same condition as her husband being allowed to use a new device from eSight – and the lady was able to see her sister for the first time in 5 years!

Filled with hope, Joy wrote Rachel Ray to ask whether it was possible that her husband would also be given the same chance. The show responded positively and the whole family was brought to the studio.

Not only were they given the chance to use the device on Rachel Ray show, eSight also donated the $15,000-device to Gene!

Watch the touching moment here: